EH2020 is a blueprint for the future of East Hartford Public Schools composed by the individuals whose children attend our schools, the teachers and faculty who labor daily on behalf of students, and most importantly, the students whose future depend on the success of this plan. With the launch of the new plan, East Hartford Public Schools developed 4 theories of action to drive improvement efforts.

  1. Transform Student Learning
    If East Hartford Public Schools provides students with rich, standards aligned curriculum, focuses on delivering high quality classroom instruction characterized by student centered learning experiences and if East Hartford Public Schools provides differentiated intervention and enrichment at all levels, then we will transform student learning and help all students achieve.

  2. Build a Rich and Vibrant Learning Culture
    If East Hartford Public Schools focuses on fully engaging, empowering and appreciating students, families and faculty through all district and school interactions, then we will benefit from a rich and vibrant learning culture where all students achieve.

  3. Attract and Grow a Talented and Diverse Work Force
    If East Hartford Public Schools focuses on attracting, hiring, developing and promoting a talented, diverse work force, then we will continue to grow the professional capacity so that all students achieve.

  4. Responsibly Invest District Resources
    If East Hartford Public Schools seeks out, advocates for, and responsibly invests district resources, then we will have the necessary technologies, infrastructure and finances to promote student achievement.