East Hartford Public Schools Department of Facilities manages a portfolio of (18) buildings totaling over 1.3 million square feet on (205) acres of land with a team of of Custodians, Building Maintainers, Campus Safety Officers, Tradesman, and a large network of contractors. Three Managers run the operational teams of Custodial (Eric Krauch), Maintenance (Dan Ford), and Safety and Preparedness (Kevin McCarthy), with overall guidance and management provided by the Assistant Director of Facilities, Jim Rovezzi. Executive Secretary (Sheryl Stevenson) and Secretary (Cheryl Nadeau) provide administrative support and keep the office running smoothly.

Our Vision:

Is to create high quality and inspirational educational environments for our community

Our Mission:

Is to continually improve the facilities we manage by deploying resources in a well-planned and efficient manner to maximize value to those we serve.

The core functions of the Department include:

  • Daily cleaning, maintenance, and repair
  • 24/7 response to building maintenance emergencies
  • Identifying building issues and potential improvements
  • Creation and analysis of yearly Operating Budgets
  • Managing building systems to provide optimal comfort and performance
  • Engineering and planning solutions and upgrades
  • Daily security guard services
  • Creation and ongoing improvement of School Specific All-Hazard Plans
  • Planning and executing Crisis Response Drills
  • Engaging and managing vendors and contractors
  • Managing government required environmental programs
  • Assessing, planning, budgeting, and managing Capital Improvement Projects

We strive to exceed the expectations of the community, and welcome feedback that will help us improve our service delivery. E-mail or call 860.622.5950 to speak to one of our staff.


James Rovezzi
Assistant Director of Facilities

Daniel Ford
Facilities Maintenance Manager

Eric Krauch
Facilities Operations Manager

Kevin McCarthy
Facilities Safety and Preparedness Manager

Sheryl Stevenson
Executive Secretary

Cheryl Nadeau