Paul Mainuli

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Director of Business Services

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School Transportation, District Wellness Committee

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Paul Mainuli is the Director of Business Services. He began working for East Hartford Public Schools in October of 2001. Mr. Mainuli is responsible for the prudent financial management of the school district to ensure that proper funding is in place to support school programs and high quality education for our students.

In this effort, Mr. Mainuli provides direct supervision for the following business functions; accounts payable, payroll, purchasing, information technology, student transportation, school lunch, state and federal grants and building rental. These business functions are critical to the day-to-day operations of the school district.

His professional work experience has been in the fields of finance and management and budget. Mr. Mainuli retired from the City of Hartford after twenty-two years of service. He is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford and is member of the Connecticut Association of Business Officers, (CASBO).

Mr. Mainuli is dedicated to ensuring that the best accounting practices are followed by school staff and that all financial resources are properly used in support of the students in the school district.