The Department of Facilities Safety and Preparedness Unit is dedicated to providing a safe learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors to our facilities.

The Facilities Safety and Preparedness Unit supports the security of the Board of Education facilities and the safety of its personnel, by assessing and implementing necessary improvements to existing infrastructure. The unit also provides comprehensive oversight centered upon the safety and security of these facilities. This is accomplished along a continuum of upgrading and improvements to technologies including, but not limited to: security systems, video surveillance, building access controls, fire alarms, site assessments, facilities preparedness planning, and professional development.

We take great pride in the safety and security of our schools’ campuses, which are overseen by our Campus Safety Team (CST). Team members are located at both East Hartford Middle School and High School campuses. Members of the CST are conscientious professionals, several of whom have prior law enforcement or security experience. All team members share an important responsibility in the security of these campuses, and their diverse backgrounds enable them to interact positively with students and staff. The team also works closely with school administrators, first responders and facilities management. Through this collaborative effort, the Campus Safety Team is able to manage both routine assignments and emergencies efficiently and effectively, providing continuous support to our campus community.

The Facilities Safety and Preparedness Unit and Campus Safety Team remain committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our students, staff, and visitors to our campus facilities. We will continue to strive toward improving campus safety and security through effective communication, training, and best practices.

Department of Facilities - Safety and Preparedness Unit
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Kevin McCarthy
Facilities Safety and Preparedness Manager