East Hartford Public Schools Department of District Performance, continue to make great strides in our use of data to inform instruction and make decisions about interventions and supports. We have remained steadfast as a district in triangulating data, calculating correlations carefully, and utilizing both qualitative and quantitative approaches to our decision making processes.

Through these webpages, we hope to highlight some of our improvement efforts, our celebrations, our growth, and our targets to show the great work and accomplishments of our staff, students, and community.

East Hartford Public Schools utilizes a employs a three-tier accountability system to engage district, school, and classroom educators in order to refine data collection and analysis. Through this systemic approach, we ensure all decisions are well informed, accurate, and in the best interest of all students.

At East Hartford Public Schools, we believe high quality results are the outcomes of high quality plans that have been put into action. At East Hartford Public Schools our strategic plan, (EH2020), serves as the cornerstone of all district initiatives and work. This plan, developed through a shared process between policy leaders, parents, teachers and students, provides alignment, guidance and accountability for the work we do to improve the lives of children.

EH2020 District Improvement Plan
2018 - 2019 State of the Schools Report

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Sarah E. Brzozowy, Ed.D.
Data Analyst and School Improvement Specialist
District Assessment Coordinator


Sarah Brzozowy, Ed.D.
Data Analyst and School Improvement Specialist, District Assessment Coordinator